5 Simple Ways to Find a Great Book

Here is a list of my favorite ways of coming across rich, compelling, and MEMORABLE books.

  1. GoodReads

The Listopia section on GoodReads is my holy grail on finding books specific to my own cravings. If I am sitting alone on a Saturday night, in need of a funny young adult novel, I look up “funny young adult novels” on GoodReads and the Listopia section works its magic. Recently, I fell in love with Diana Gabaldon’s, Outlander, and because I craved more of that Scottish galore, I used Listopia to find books within that framework. Trust me, it was verra verra helpful.

Disclaimer: this is a method that works best on google if you’re using a phone because the app does not let you search through the lists.

  1. Instagram/Hashtags

Snapshot taken from iphone.

This one is a fairly simple one. Instagram is a tool that can be used to specify your own interest with a single word or phrase. This is a great way of finding books that are being read from people all over the world and read their opinions. One of my all-time favorite novels was found through Instagram (Me Before You by Jojo Moyes).

  1. BookTube

Booktubers are  YouTubers who make videos about the books they buy, read, and review. Videos might include book events, top ten books of the year, or anything related to literature. A user I follow is PeruseProject, who does a great job at balancing personality and quality of the review.

4. Library

An ancient but useful source of information. It would seem as though we are forgetting the value of a good library and it is important to take advantage of the resources it provides.

Ultimately, the best resource for finding books is yourself. Everyone has different tastes and only you can decide whether a book is good or not—so make smart choices. Trust yourself and follow your gut.


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